I’m not an avid Cricket fan. I’ve no sentiments towards any particular team or player apart from the natural bias towards my motherland. Still I felt spiritless watching the first match of India in World Cup ’07 with Bangladesh-A match smiled off by almost all Indians as a mere warm-up exercise. The play turned out to be the biblical story of David and Goliath.

What happened to a team widely projected as prospective Winner of this World Cup? Rahul was wrong from the start when he selected bating first (May be because he under-estimated his rival) when the pitch favours bowling, especially when he experiment with an opener who is totally out of form in his career. I never expected Virendar Sehwag will do any wonder. But what about the rest? It ones more shows the lack of self-confidece our team members having.
Team Bangladesh needs to be highly appreciated. They did not win the match because their rivals were weak. They could embarrass the Indian team from the very first ball itself. They displayed their professional excellence both in bowling and fielding. This was a victory they deserved.

Now I’m eagerly waiting for another match tomorrow. (Really, I’m not confident even if it is with Bermuda). Beware! Sehwag, this is your final opportunity to prove yourselves. And let us see atleast we can suggest a peaceful euthanesia for the career of some of our old horses.